Vol 2, No 1 (2004)

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Preface PDF
Welcome address PDF
Honour Prof. Panayotis Kontos for his contribution to the study of Modern Greek dialects PDF


Ομοιομορφία-πολυμορφία στη γλώσσα. Η περίπτωση της Ελληνικής. PDF
Panayotis Kontos 15-24
Honour Prof. Angeliki Malikouti Drachman for her contribution to the study of Modern Greek dialects PDF
- - 25-26
A pilgrimage for two: remarks on phonological strength in Cypriot Greek PDF
Angeliki Malikouti Drachman 27-41
The perfect category: a comparison of Standard and Cypriot Greek PDF
Yoryia Agouraki 42-57
De la chaîne phonique au mot: structures syllabiques et formes lexicales du grec pontique PDF
George Drettas 58-67
Dialectological research and linguistic theory: the case of compounding PDF
Giannoula Giannoulopoulou 68-82
Some properties of Wh-question formation in Cypriot Greek PDF
Kleanthes Grohmann, Phoeves Panagiotidis, Stavroula Tsiplakou 83-98
The diachronic evolution of the Greek article: parametric hypotheses PDF
Cristina Guardiano 99-114
Object position in Cappodocian and other Asia Minor Greek dialects PDF
Mark Janse 115-129
On continuity and change in the dialects of Lesbos and related areas-Multilingualism and polydialectalism over the millennia PDF
Brian Joseph 130-141
Loanword adaptation in the Cretan Dialect PDF
Ioanna Kappa 142-155
Διδιαλεκτικές κοινότητες και γλωσσικό συνεχές: η περίπτωση της Κυπριακής PDF
Marianna Katsoyannou, Andreas Papapavlou, Pavlos Pavlou 156-171
Tracking Jespersen's Cycle PDF
Paul Kiparsky, Cleo Condoravdi 172-197
A sociolinguistic study of evaluation criteria of Modern Greek dialects and regional accents PDF
Evangelos Kourdis 198-205
Not only cherubs: lexicon of Hebrew and Aramaic origin in Standard Modern Greek (SMG) and Modern Greek dialects PDF
Julia Krivoruchko 206-219
Syntactic isoglosses in Modern Greek Dialects: the case of the indirect Object PDF
Io Manolessou, Stamatis Beis 220-235
The development of future/modality markers: evidence from Modern Greek dialects PDF
Theodore Markopoulos 236-255
Η μείωση της πολυτυπίας των κλιτικών τάξεων στο ονοματικό παράδειγμα της διαλέκτου των Κυδωνιών και Μοσχονησίων: η περίπτωση των ονομάτων σε -'aris και -'anis. PDF
Dimitra Melissaropoulou 256-271
When zeroes count for nothing: The (mythical) origins of nasal deletion PDF
Julian Mendez Dosuma 272-281
Reanalysis in inflectional morphology: evidence from Modern Greek dialects PDF
Nikolaos Pantelidis 282-297
A quantitative study of the lateral variable (l) in the dialect of Patras PDF
Dimitris Papazachariou 298-313
Object clitic placement in the dialects of Medieval Greek PDF
Panayotis Pappas 314-328
Allomorphy in inflection: evidence from the dialects of Lesvos, Kydonies and Moschonisia PDF
Angela Ralli 329-349
Vowel harmony in contact-induced systems: the case of Asia Minor dialects of Greek PDF
Anthi Ravithiadou, Marc van Oostendorp, Kalomoira Nikolou 350-365
Definiteness and case in Cappadocian Greek PDF
Vassilios Spyropoulos, Marianna Tiliopoulou 366-378
The interplay of regional and social variation in Cyprus: a diachronic perspective PDF
Marina Terkourafi 379-394

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