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No 2 (2012): Dionysus: Myth, Cult, Ritual

Table of Contents

Ancient Greek Mythology and Religion

Dionysοs’ Epiphany in Performance. The God of Ecstatic Cry, Noise, Song, Music, and Choral Dance PDF
Anton Bierl 1-12
Επὶ οἴνοπα πόντον. Sul mare color del vino. Sincretismi e punti di contatto tra Dioniso e il culto dei Cabiri e dei Grandi Dei PDF
Emiliano Cruccas 13-25
Deconstructing Spaces of Myth: From Derrida’s ‘counterfeit’ to Deleuze’s and Guattari’s ‘origami’ PDF
Thanos Gkaragkounis 26-39
Towards Conceptualizing Dionysus’ Myth and Cult in Euripides’ Bacchae PDF
Smaro Nikolaidou-Arabatzi 40-50
Dionysos in late archaic Athens PDF
Dimitrios Paleothodoros 51-67


M. Lombardo - A. Siciliano - A. Alessio (a.c.d.) «La vigna di Dioniso». Vite, vino e culti in Magna Grecia. Atti del 49° Convegno di studi sulla Magna Grecia (Taranto, 24-28/09/2009), Taranto, 2011. ISBN: 978-88-903607-3-2. PDF
Paolo Daniele Scirpo 68-73

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