Vol 4 (2003)

Morphology and Linguistic Typology

Table of Contents

Complete Issue PDF
Foreword PDF
Morphological typology and first language acquisition: some mutual challenges PDF
Wolfgang Dressler 7-20
Typology, diachrony, and universals of semantic change in word formation: a Romanist’s look at the polysemy of agent nouns PDF
Franz Rainer 21-34
Resources for suppletion: a typological database and a bibliography PDF
Greville Corbett, Dunstan Brown, Marina Chumakina, Andrew Hippisley 35-44
Morphological universals and diachrony PDF
Stephen Anderson 45-58
Universals and grammatical categories: A Distributed Morphology analysis of Spanish colour terms PDF
Antonio Fábregas 59-72
On diminutive plurals and plural diminutives PDF
Ivan Derzhanski 73-90
Roots, deverbal nouns and denominal verbs PDF
Jan Don 91-104
Hausa final vowel shortening: phrasal allomorphy or inflectional category? PDF
Berthold Crysmann 105-126
Explaining some structural and semantic asymmetries in morphological typology PDF
Marian Klamer 127-142
Prefix-suffix neutrality in evaluative morphology PDF
Nicola Grandi, Fabio Montermini 143-156
Word formation and typology: which language universals? PDF
Livio Gaeta 157-170
Rule counting vs rule ordering: universal principles of rule interaction in gender assignment PDF
Tore Nesset 171-184
The morphological typology of change of state event encoding PDF
Andrew Koontz Garboden, Beth Levin 185-194
Morphemes and lexemes versus “Morphemes or Lexemes?” PDF
François Nemo 195-208
Typology and boundaries: the acquisition of a new morphological boundary by Modern Hebrew PDF
Irit Meir 209-220
Modifier-Head person concord PDF
Irina Nikolaeva 221-234
Unexpressed features of verb agreement in signed languages PDF
Christian Rathmann, Gaurav Mathur 235-250
The morphosemantics of transnumeral nouns PDF
Paolo Acquaviva 251-266
Loan words and declension classes in Czech PDF
Darya Kavitskaya 267-276
The challenge of typologically unusual structures PDF
Alice Harris 277-284

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