Vol 11 (2017)

Morphological Variation: Synchrony and Diachrony

Table of Contents

Complete Issue PDF
Foreword PDF
Metonymy and the semantics of word-formation PDF
Laurie Bauer 1-13
Constraints on the French [non-N] construction PDF
Edwige Dugas 14-25
A morphosemantic investigation of diminutive verbs in French and Modern Greek PDF
Angeliki Efthymiou 26-35
Morphological variation: the case of productivity in German compound formation PDF
Katrin Hein, Stefan Engelberg 36-50
Number inflection in AN and NA Italian compounds PDF
M. Silvia Micheli 51-62
Formal variation does not affect morphological processing: evidence from Italian PDF
Sabrina Piccinin, Serena Dal Maso, Hélène Giraudo 63-74
English Compounds with ing-form heads PDF
Gergana Popova 75-80
Conceptual salience of prefixes in L2 acquisition and processing: a reading-time study within context PDF
Madeleine Voga, Georgia Nikolaou, Anna Anastassiadis-Symeonidis 81-92

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