Vol 1, No 1 (2001)

Table of Contents

Complete Issue PDF


Preface PDF


The position of clitics in Cypriot Greek PDF
Yoryia Agouraki 1-18
Cypriot Greek and the phonetics and phonology of geminates PDF
Amalia Arvaniti 19-30
Clitics and clause structure PDF
Cleo Condoravdi, Paul Kiparsky 31-50
Concrete morphology, affix typology and concord chains PDF
Gaberell Drachman, Angeliki Malikouti Drachman 51-66
On the origins of Modern Greek in Southern Italy PDF
Franco Fanciullo 67-78
Cappadocian variables PDF
Mark Janse 79-88
Dialect evidence bearing on the definition of "Word" in Greek PDF
Brian Joseph 89-104
An optimality theoretic account of the (West) Cretan Dialect PDF
Ioanna Kappa 105-116
Blends in Greek dialects: a morphosemantic analysis PDF
Myrto Koutita Kaimaki, Asimakis Fliatouras 117-130
Deconstructing "height dissimilation" in Modern Greek dialects PDF
Julian Mendez Dosuma 131-150
Intonation in "European Greek" PDF
Ineke Mennen 151-164
Ιταλοελληνική Διγλωσσία. Το ελληνοκαλαβρικό ιδίωμα από μία νέα οπτική γωνία PDF
Domenica Minniti Gonias 165-176
Theoretical implications of initial geminates in Cypriot Greek PDF
Jennifer Muller 177-192
A survey of Modern Greek dialectal complementation PDF
Nick Nicholas 193-206
The active imperfect of the verbs of the "2nd Conjugation" in the Peloponnesian varieties of Modern Greek PDF
Nikolaos Pantelidis 207-222
The dialectical role and discourse function of six semantic-intonation variables in Northern Greek PDF
Dimitris Papazachariou, Argiris Archakis 223-236
Plural suffixation skills in Cypriot-Greek children with specific language impairment PDF
Kakia Petinou, Lia Hadzigeorgiou 237-246
The role of the paradigm in two dialectal varieties of the island of Lesbos PDF
Adamantios Gafos, Angela Ralli 247-262
Greek dialects: linguistic and social typology PDF
Peter Trudgill 263-272

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