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No 4 (2018): Cheating in ancient myth

Table of Contents


Cheating your way back: Odysseus' return to a real world PDF
Ronald Blankenborg 1-34
Kronos, Zeus and cheating polysemy in the succession myth in Hesiod's Theogony PDF
Bill Gladhill 35-50
To cheat or not to cheat: Poseidon's eris with Athena in the west pediment of the Parthenon PDF
Marion Meyer 51-77
Οἶνος ἐπίκλοπος: wine and deceit in ancient Greek mythology PDF
Fay Papadimitriou 78-103
Victimless' cheating in Attic tragedy PDF
Efi Papadodima 104-122
Cheating colour: brightness transformed into representation of female characteristics in the Iliad PDF
Yukiko Saito 123-152
Cheaters win when they make the rules: sophistic ethics in Protagoras' Prometheus myth PDF
Daniel Silvermintz 153-174


Figures (M. Meyer) PDF
Marion Meyer 175-177

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