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No 12 (2018)

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Editorial PDF


Introduction of internationalization into higher education curricula (full text in Greek) PDF
Niki Asterioti 4-31
EU discourses and policies for the modernization of the university: Governance and student-centred learning (full text in Greek) PDF
Ioanna Douka 32-58
Student social support policies in Europe: Social justice and higher education (full text in Greek) PDF
Anna Kagaraki 59-82
Mixed-methods research. The logic behind its design and the framework for its implementation (full text in Greek) PDF
Gerasimina Kontogiannatou 83-108
Developments in doctoral studies in the European higher education area: composite study and analysis of the reports of the EUA unit ‘Council for doctoral education’ (EUA-CDE) (full text in Greek) PDF
Evangelia Lazana 109-140
Contemporary approaches to the recognition of alternative learning and training pathways. The case of work-based learning (full text in Greek) PDF
Fotini Liossi 141-178
Planning strategies: Theory and practice (full text in Greek) PDF
Rea Mavrogianni 179-204
Greek higher education in comparison with the European higher education area from Bologna to today (full text in Greek) PDF
Maria Panagopoulou 205-235
Analysis of the phenomenon of cross-border higher education with emphasis on quality assurance (full text in Greek) PDF
Christina Panoriou 236-256

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